Traveling Around Andorra

Andorra is a small country located in the middle of the Pyrenees on the border between France and Spain. Despite the small size of the country, it has a lot to offer. Andorra is known for its many winter sport areas and beautiful nature. However, Andorra is often skipped during tours, holidays and city trips. This is quite unfortunate, because the country is more than worth a visit. In this article, we are going to check out all the beauty that Andorra has to offer.

Things to Do in Andorra

With its beautiful nature reserves and mountainous landscape, Andorra is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. The capital city, Andorra la Vella, as well as other places, have an abundance of Romanesque churches and architecture. Let’s check out some of the most interesting locations to visit in Andorra;

Andorra la Vella

Andorra la Vella is the capital of the country of Andorra, located at an altitude of 1029 meters, making it the highest capital in Europe. The town is located in a bowl-shaped valley and is surrounded by the mountains of the Pyrenees.

There is also the old part of Andorra la Vella. It dates back to the Middle Ages and is still characterized by historic stone streets and old houses. There are 6 protected monuments in the city, 4 of which are located in the old center.

Andorra la Valle also has a lively art and entertainment culture, so you can find many entertainment venues in the center. The country is a tax haven because it is separate from the European Union, which means that you can shop tax-free in the capital. After a day of shopping you can enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants.

Casa de la Vall

The Casa de la Vall is the most famous landmark of the city. This building was built in 1580 as a residence, but in 1702 the parliament of Andorra moved to the building. The Sala del Consell is considered the coziest parliament room in the world. In the building you can also see various historical works of art and important documents that give you an idea of the history of the country.

Sant Esteve

The Sant Esteve church dates back to the 12th century and is characterized by ornate wooden decorations. The church is built in the Romanesque style and has a stone bell tower, while the interior is modern. In the church, you will find a large pipe organ, with behind it a beautiful rose window.


The towns of Les Escaldes and Engordany are found right next to Andorra la Vella, which together form the parish of Escaldes-Engordany. After the capital, this is the second most populous location in the country, with about 15,000 inhabitants. Escaldes-Engordany is known for the many hot springs in the area with temperatures between 22 and 66 degrees Celsius.

In the time of the Romans, these hot springs were used, and it was thought that the water here had medicinal properties. There are several wellness centers and thermal baths in this region.

Foods to Try in Andorra

Andorran cuisine shares many similarities with its Spanish and French neighbor, as well as Catalonia. You will find that a lot of mountain game, such as wild boar and hare, is consumed here. Wild mushrooms are also quite popular among the Andorran population. Let’s check out some of the most popular and traditional Andorran dishes;

  • Escudella: A hearty stew that is a meat lover’s dream. This stew contains different kinds of meat, such as veal, pork, chicken, meatballs, snouts and sausages. It is often prepared with potatoes, cabbage, white beans, chickpeas and large pasta shells.
  • Trinxat: A dish that could be compared to the traditional mashed potatoes, but contains greens such as leeks and cabbage. Trinxat is fried with pork fat or cubes of bacon, and comes with a side of mashed eggs and chicory leaves.
  • Cargols: Snails are quite popular in Andorra. There are several ways to cook them, but one of the most typical ways to do it in Andorra is Cargols a la Iluna. The snails are roasted in the oven and eaten with a topping of garlic mayonnaise, salt and olive oil.
  • Trucha a la Andorrana: Andorra does not have a coastline, which makes seafood quite rare. However, there are many rivers stocked with freshwater trout. Trucha a la Andorrana is a dish made out of trout that is grilled and wrapped in ham.

Andorra Travel Tips

  • Catalan is the official language of Andorra. The locals will adore you for trying out the local lingo.
  • It is not possible to travel to Andorra by airplane, as it does not have an airport. You will have to plan your vacation by first going to neighboring Spain or France, and then entering Andorra by car.
  • Although Andorra is not part of the European Union, it uses the Euro currency.