Albania, although one of the lesser known vacation destinations in Europe, is simple put; breathtaking. There is something to do for everyone.



Traveling Around Albania

Albania, although one of the lesser-known vacation destinations in Europe, is simply put; breathtaking. There is something to do for everyone. If you are in it for the nature, the country offers many hiking, biking, and rafting possibilities. More of a history buff? Albania features a wide variety of historic buildings, Islamic, Catholic, and Orthodox, as well as Roman, Greek, Byzantine, and Ottoman.

All of this makes Albania a journey of discovery where you will not get bored. Even if you only have a few days to explore, its relatively small size will allow you to be in the great outdoors within half an hour from the capital of Tirana, take a bus or rental car to the beaches, or visit the largest lake in the Balkans.

Things to Do in Albania

Albania has much to offer tourists, whether you like to explore cities, or simply want to enjoy the nature. There is also an abundance of historical places in the country which are definitely worth a visit. Since the country is relatively small, it is pretty easy to go from place to place in a short period of time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the must-visit places in Albania

Beach strip in Tirana


Tirana is the capital of Albania, a place where the cool communist chill is slowly dissipated by Western cheerfulness. Driven entrepreneurs start innovative start-ups, new shops and restaurants are opening everywhere and there are plans for oversized skyscrapers. However, Tirana is not known as a city with many museums and sights where you can wander around for days.
You will not find a charming medieval city center with narrow streets here, as in many other cities in the south of Europe. Still, there is plenty to see, from Ottoman-era monuments to communist-era relics. Visit the National History Museum and Skanderbeg Square, a huge square in the heart of the capital.

Ruins of the ancient city

Butrint National Park

2500-year-old Roman ruins, freshwater lake Butrint and the Vrina swamp: in Butrint National Park you will find a lot of special things. In this park, just 20 kilometers south of the city of Sarandë, the ruins are the best preserved archaeological excavations in Albania. From the theater where 1,500 people watched theater performances to the imposing Lion Gate, which symbolized the defense of the city. Walk on wooden decking and pebble paths along ruined city walls and across the stage of the theater.

Blue Eye Albania Natural Spring

Syri I Kalter Theth

Also known as the Blue Eye of Theth, Syri I Kalter Theth is one of the most famous water sources in Albania. Pure water rises through the layers of the earth to end up in the Ionian Sea via the 25-kilometer-long Bistricë River. Although divers have dived to a depth of 50 meters, the actual depth is not officially known.

Beautiful mountains in the Albanian alps

Albanian Alps

The Albanian Alps are a must-visit location for hikers. In this mountainous area, you will find two nature parks: National Park Theth and National Park Valbona. The village of Valbona, one of the most important in the region, is a good starting point for a walk. Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful nature with rivers, mountain peaks, and forests. If you see something moving in the distance, it could just be a wild goat, wolf, or bear.

Foods to Try in Albania

From a European perspective, Albania is a relatively small country with currently about 3 million inhabitants. It will therefore be clear that the country has not been able to leave a culinary mark on Europe. Albanian cuisine is influenced by the centuries of Ottoman occupation, as well as by nearby Greece and Central European countries. The country is rich in agricultural land and also has ample pastures for sheep and goats. It will therefore not surprise you that traditional dishes contain a lot of vegetables and meat from both animals. Garlic and onions are also a standard ingredients. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Albanian dishes;

  • Fërgesë: One of the most traditional Albanese dishes. It is a stew that mainly consists of tomato sauce, garlic, green peppers, and quark. It is served with bread best eaten when it has cooled.
  • Flija: A crepe-like dish with a crunchy texture that is popular in Northern Albania. The crepes are baked one by one on a special metal disc and then stacked on top of each other with a layer of butter, cream, or yoghurt in between. The layers are then baked in the oven or over hot coals until they form a crispy, golden crust. Flija is usually served with cheese or yogurt.
  • Pispili: A delicious cornbread filled with spinach or leek. It is usually served with a side of yoghurt.
  • Trileçe: A very popular dessert, made with three different types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and regular whole milk. It is a delicious sponge cake with a rich and creamy texture.

Albania Travel Tips

Public transport can be unreliable. It is advised to rent your own car or use taxis, as buses often do not arrive on schedule.
While most places in Albania do accept Euros as a currency, the exchange rates are horrible. Upon arrival, you should exchange your money for Albanian Lek, the official currency of Albania.
Most places have free Wi-Fi. You can also buy an Albanian SIM card to avoid roaming charges.